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Afrika Kulturinstitut e.V. (2003)
The Berlin InterCor –Heart to Heart

Call for Donation

The Berlin InterCor sends to Africa volunteer teams of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, anesthetics, nurses and other medical personnel to treat patients and train professionals at local hospitals.
Please support the pediatric cardiac missions to save lives of impoverished children with rheumatic and congenital heart diseases in Africa.

How to Help
There are many ways you can help the Berlin InterCor Team undertake the humanitarian medical missions to achieve its goals.

Your Gifts of Life
1.    Gifts of monetary donation
Gifts of monetary donation are critical in ensuring that the necessary equipments are procured and shipped and available for the team. They are tax deductible.
2.    Medical supplies and equipment’s
Donations in any kind such as medical supplies, equipment’s are also welcome. They are tax deductible.
3.    Donate frequent flyer miles
You can donate frequent flyer miles to help cover the travel expenses of the Heart Team volunteers. 
Charles Yankah, E-Mail:  Mobil: 0172-3020143
Frau Inka Telschow. E-Mail:  Tel.:030-6058118
Afrika Kulturinstitut e.V. c/o Prof. Yankah, Budapesterstrasse 39, 10787 Berlin
Register Nr.: 22389NZ, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Steuernummer: 27/659/512117  
Bankers of the Afrika Kulturinstitut e.V.: Deutsche Apotheker und Aerztebank,
Account number: IBAN: DE23 3006 0601 0105 8994 94   -  BIC:DAAEDEDDXXX 
(Cardiology in West Africa)       
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