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Re: Call for Mentorship in Hospital Partnership Program for Capacity Building to Strengthening the Health Systems in Ghana

Dear Colleagues,
While developing a concept for a hospital partnership in Ghana, West Africa we would like to solicit your support in our on-site training programs in clinical services and managements.
This initiative is addressed to Chiefs of hospitals, cardiac center’s in Germany to support this mentorship program. We are inviting volunteer mentors who will be charged to train registrars, junior board certified physicians, paediatricians, nurses in echocardiography and abdominal sonography and bioengineers at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital in Central Region, Ghana.
Recruitment of volunteers for:
Medical Team (Pediatric & Adult)
Internists/Cardiologists (Adult)
Bioengineers (Medizintechniker)

Administrative work
Local consultants/Coordinator
Newsletter writer
Office support: Editing, writing, search for grants, handle mailings etc.
Develop presentation packets, power point and media packet.

Self-sponsored volunteers (Medical trainees, medical and non-medical students etc.)
We would be happy to win many supporters for this project who will mentor and aspire young Africans in their medical profession. Your contribution to this project would provide the local colleagues the opportunities to unfold and improve their skills and cultivate a broader knowledge for their clinical practices. The clinical experience would inspire them to discover research opportunities in their field. Their scientific achievements would eventually impact their horizon for innovations in their profession. It will also establish a network and resource for global contacts for the young clinician and nurse generations.
For the sake of sustainability, we look forward to sponsorships from local health authorities as a commitment (self-help) and from the industries to support this project.
African Cultural Institute e.V.
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