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Capacity Building Program in Sonography

BMZ/GIZ – African Cultural Institute Hospital Partnership Program in Ghana
Call for Volunteer Sonographers to Join    Sonography Courses in Ghana

Dear Colleagues,                                                                                      
It is our great pleasure to invite you to join the ICI sonography team and to contribute with your clinical experience, wealth of knowledge in sonography and team spirit by engaging in teaching the young generation Ghanaian physicians to develop skills in sonography to improve the healthcare at secondary and tertiary level for the underserved communities. This initiative is addressed to active and retired sonographer volunteers and Chiefs of gastroenterology and radiology departments to support this mentorship program.
Objectives: To promote skill training programs in sonography in Ghana. To enhance the capacity in sonography to strengthen the clinical services for the management of abdominal organ and breast diseases.
Purpose: To teach clinicians and residents sonographic diagnostics. To strengthen the capacity in sonography diagnostics in the regional hospitals. To bring the underserved population to a stage of diagnosis for proper conservative and surgical therapies. To improve sonography clinics and services for enhancing the health systems at secondary and tertiary level.   
Impact: The sonography courses and clinics will:                                                                                   provide competence in diagnostics and in the management of emergencies in abdominal and breast diseases, develop an institutional infrastructure for interventional abdominal procedures, biopsies and endoscopy, provide continuing educational (“sandwich courses”) and training courses to the next generation sonographers and medical technical assistants.
Target groups: Internists, radiologists and residents

Teaching the teachers program. Postgraduate “Sandwich” clinical courses for specialists in internal medicine, radiology. Hands-on sonography courses for physicians and nurses. Leadership courses for physicians and nurses. Certification in sonography.                                                                                                            
Invitation to Mentor Sonography Training Courses
Where: Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, Cape Coast, Ghana
When: Spring, summer, autumn 2019.                                                                    
Tentative dates: March, April, May, June September and November                   
Duration: At least one week                                                                                           
Travel support: Air tickets, boarding and lodging will be provided.
Whom to send your application: You may send your application to E-mail:    
Prof. Dr. Charles Yankah,
President & Founder, African Cultural Institute (ICI)
E-mail:      Mobile: +49-172-3020143
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